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Adult Therapy & ADHD Coaching

Adults face all the stresses of work and family with the added challenge of being expected to navigate all the problems on their own. About 18% of all people will experience serious symptoms of anxiety over the course of a year. Depression is slightly less common, but still quite frequent. Therapy can provide a place to explore problems with a therapist whose sole focus is on helping you. Sometimes this means challenging your ideas or decision processes that haven't helped in the past. Adults with more serious and lasting conditions like autism, bipolar disorder, serious medical conditions, and chronic depression need a more long-term strategy focused on stabilization, planning for recurrences, building a supportive community for help, and figuring out what works best for you in crisis situations.

I approach therapy with adults using the same integrative methods as with teens and families. Research shows certain types of problems and diagnoses tend to respond better to particular treatment methods. Anxiety treatment often involves graded exposures while depression responds better to carefully planned behavioral activation. Talking about if/how your relationships affects your moods and mental or medical conditions can be key to finding relief and improvement.

Recent research has shown accurately diagnosed teens with ADHD grow up to be adults with ADHD signs and symptoms as well. Adult jobs and careers often come with high expectations to keep yourself and your work organized. If you supervise others, a whole team may be looking to you for the best ways to get things done. Meanwhile on the inside, things may feel like Lucy on the candy packing line (see this YouTube link if unfamiliar). ADHD coaching is designed to assess you current abilities for attention, planning, organization, follow-up, and accurate self-monitoring  (I did a great job, or did I?). Specific techniques to prop up identified vulnerabilities will be worked through. Then, if it all starts to fall off after a beautiful first few weeks to months, we'll talk about how to keep the systems going.