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IEP review and meeting support

This service is intended as a short-term service for parents of a child already receiving special education who want to have a better understanding of the special instruction their child gets, figure out if is it appropriate for the IEP goals, and is the child moving towards the parents' overall learning and independence goals. Typically school and other records are sent in advance for review or brought be parents at the first meeting. Goals for the next IEP meeting are written down and a plan is made on what new information a parent needs in order to have those questions answered during the IEP review. I coach parents through the IEP process. For parents wanting more support, I can also attend the IEP meeting and help you ask for the information you need from the school team. I may also suggest actions you can take inside and out of school to help meet a child's educational needs. Costs depend on the the volume of records to be reviewed, the scope of parent questions and goals for the IEP meeting, and whether in-person or teleconference support is requested by the parents.