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LGBTQ+ Support and Therapy

Teens and adults who identify as transgender, lesbian, queer, bisexual, gay, and intersex face unique stressors and life hurdles others may not. Teens are often figuring out their sexual and gender identities earlier than in the past and coming out while in high school or before. Some children navigate these issues much younger even. Adults can also face discrimination, rejection from friends and family, workplace issues, and worries related to living as an LGBTQ+ person. Seeking support to understand these concerns and therapy to address anxiety, depression, and relationship problems can be the first step to finding ways to better cope with these types of problems.

For transgender youth and adults seeking medical support, some doctors require ongoing therapy or evaluations prior to prescribing medical care, especially if the medical changes are not easily reversed. Transgender focused therapy can provide documentation and support services that may be required prior to accessing higher levels of medical care for gender confirmation.